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Welcome to our country kitchen



Welcome to the heart and soul of Ekegården. Here, we craft food by hand, in collaboration with you, our guest and customer. 

What we do 

Whether it’s weddings, parties, holidays, corporate hangouts, or even just a bus lunch, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in tailoring our meals to your desires.

Additionally, our subsidiary, Smokehouse Gotland, offers professional catering services and can bring our signature dishes directly to your event location.

When should you hire us?

Got a big gathering, from 20 to 200 people? We’ve got you covered! Whether it’s lunch, dinner, a party, catering, or a kick-off, we’ve got the spaces, stages, tech, and, of course, killer food and vibes.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about what we can offer!

If you are interested in booking a single table at the restaurant, please note that we are currently only open to residents and for special events.

What drives our culinary concept is the love for creating an atmosphere where ambiance, experience, and joyful laughter go hand in hand. 

What we deliver

We prepare Ekegården’s cuisine in both our restaurant kitchen and on our outdoor smoker grills, using live wood. Our culinary repertoire spans from traditional Swedish fare to Asian delicacies and festive party dishes.

Additionally, we offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. We take pride in utilizing high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Furthermore, we are happy to accommodate special dietary needs, allergies, and intolerances based on individual preferences and requirements.

Book your Christmas buffet at Ekegården for 2024

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